2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible review, cost and inside feature

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible review, cost and inside feature

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible review, cost and inside feature

After the essential Range Rover Evoque in 2011 infused genuinely chic vitality into Land Rover's line-up, the most recent alteration looks set to take things to another level.

The Land Rover Evoque Convertible, at first revealed at the LA Motor Show in 2015, will be released not long from now – and it will pass on something new to the business division, says carwow.


The Evoque has a solid, unmistakable outline and its looks are one of its greatest offering focuses. All things considered, Land Rover needs to rehash the same accomplishment here.

With the top down, the Evoque's rising shoulder and beltline are uncovered much more – the auto looks thick, ascending towards the backside where the fabric hood system is housed. Top Gear says it's a thick, extreme looking thing, similar to the hard-best form however without a rooftop.

The same issue hampers the inside space as well. The Evoque Convertible is a four-seater, the rooftop system pressing the measure of width in the back bringing about it losing the center rearward sitting arrangement.

There are some unmistakable changes, however. Case in point, pleasing the fabric rooftop implies the boot is much littler. At 251 liters, it's littler than the boot of a Ford Fiesta.

Its general extents are marginally more and more extensive than you'll discover on hard-best autos and each rendition wears the Dynamic body unit to round out the look, making it seem strong. There is a great deal of additional weight, however, because of essential reinforcing – the convertible is up to 610lbs heavier than the ordinary variants.

With respect to the details on that convertible rooftop, the canvas can be dropped in 30secs at paces of up to 18 mph.


CarWow says that the hard top Evoque introduced the premium inside feel of the endless, full measured Range Rover onto a more diminutive, more direct package, because of first rate fabricate materials like sensitive touch plastics and metal trims. In the convertible, that same quality remains, nonetheless this auto displays an upgraded 10.2ins infotainment screen decision.

There's likewise one less seat. The Evoque situates entirely two in the back, as opposed to three, with the center seat pressed out by the squashed up back seat.

So while in advance, there's scarcely any distinctions as far as inside, in the back the roofless Evoque is the casualty of important alterations. Foot room is much littler as an aftereffect of a great deal of space being taken up by reinforcing pillars, and the back seats are set much further forward, eating into knee room as well.

In any case, the Evoque convertible's inside remains a quality spot to sit, completed precisely how you'd expect it.


The motor extent is really fundamental, comprising of two choices: a 2.0-liter petrol or diesel.

The diesel speaks to the least expensive rendition of the auto and is another Ingenium unit delivering 178bhp. You'll locate the same motor in a large group of Land Rovers and Jaguars, in spite of the fact that the robust check weight of the Evoque Convertible means its moderate – 0-62mph takes a lackadaisical 9.7secs.

The petrol motor at any rate shores up the execution with 237bhp on tap, slicing the 0-62mph dash to a sensible 8.6secs. Running expenses are off-putting, however – efficiency sits at only 32.8mpg and CO2 figures of 201g/km mean you'll be in for an assessment bill of £295 a year.

Effectiveness is additionally hit. Without a rooftop, the diesel Evoque conveys an asserted 49.6mpg and CO2 figures of 149g/km, giving a yearly street charge bill of £145.


Auto Express says the Evoque Convertible is demonstrative of where SUVs are heading, contending that the lucrative business sector is turning into a picture ruled class, given that Land Rover's new topless 4x4 fan will be purchased by individuals needing its looks most importantly else.

The fabric rooftop is a crucial as a collapsing hard-top would everything except dispose of the auto's boot space. Moving, the fabric makes a great showing with regards to of guaranteeing things stay calm in the lodge and Land Rover has obviously contemplated the ramifications of taking the rooftop off.

On account of its extra weight, the auto is observably slower than the hard-best forms, yet like all Land Rovers, it stays splendid rough terrain.

Top Gear is truly positive about the convertible, saying its looks will offer tremendously to its planned vested party and that it is "fittingly sorted" and drives well.

Once more, the Land Rover Evoque's uniqueness is its trump card and the site says it's conceivable to take a gander at the drop-top from a substitute point of view – as opposed to being a preposterous SUV as an issue of first centrality, it's genuinely a hugely open convertible, it consolidates.


The cost is a staying point, be that as it may. The Land Rover won't offer the Evoque Convertible in the most fundamental trim levels so it's restrictive available in Dynamic trim upwards. Along these lines, costs start from £47,500.

You do get a great deal of unit tossed in, be that as it may, including an updated 10.2ins touchscreen infotainment framework with sat-nav, full calfskin inside, warmed and 12-way flexible seats and self-stopping abilities. Request books are open at this point.

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