A quick Review of Nissan Patrol SUV

A quick Review of Nissan Patrol SUV

A quick Review of Nissan Patrol SUV

The Nissan Patrol SUV has a rather big size, space, safety, and features. The car is 4-wheel drive so you can drive it at almost any terrain. The design of both the interior and exterior are also good. Here is what you need to know about the car.

The engine of the car

The car boasts a powerful engine performance. It has a 5.6ltr V8 petrol engine. This specification allows you to go through various road condition. Be it off or on road, the Nissan Patrol will be able to cross it with ease. Once you start off the engine, the sound you hear represents the power and capability of the Nissan Patrol. Many people already experienced the car and most of them are satisfied with the engine performance. As an SUV car, a high-powered engine is important to cross off-road or do some little towing.

The exterior and interior of Nissan Patrol

Both of the exterior and interior of the car are awesome In the exterior, you will find puddle illumination light that gives you sufficient lighting without disturbing other drivers on the road. Then, the car has a sunroof that can be accessed in a single button push. The tailgate is power operated so you will have a better comfortability. Then, the car also has a rear side, back, and sunroof privacy glass so people won't peak into the inside of your car easily.

Nissan Patrol SUV

As for the interior, the Nissan Patrol has several great features. The main screen is 8inch full color and touch screen, installed along with the Satellite Navigation and 3D mapping. The sound system uses 13 Bose premium speakers. For monitoring, the car has off road monitor and smart rearview mirror. On the second row, you will find 8inch QHD entertainment screens with headphones and remote control.

Nissan Patrol fuel consumption

The petrol engine ensures you to have a more efficient fuel consumption, despite the huge power of the engine. Compared to the other SUV car, this car is considered economical. When you drive in a city or urban area, the fuel consumption is around 11ltr/100km. When you hit mixed terrain, the fuel consumption will go up slightly into 14ltr/100km. The emission value of the Nissan Patrol is 343 and use the Euro V emission technology.

If you want to get a good SUV car, then this Nissan Patrol is suitable for you. It has a powerful engine and great fuel consumption. Also, the design of both the exterior and the features on the interior will fulfill your SUV car needs.

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